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Covid-19 Statement

The Sanctuary Lisburn Day Spa & Salon

Changes to our working practices and terms and conditions

Dear Valued Guest

We understand your concerns about entering our salon following the lockdown restrictions
being relaxed, and this notification is to assure you that we have done all we can to protect
your health, safety and wellbeing whilst you are visiting our premises! The safety of our staff
and our guests is our highest priority and is of paramount importance to us, and this notice is
to inform you of the many changes that have been implemented.


It's appointment only until the risk of Covid has subsided, so please make your
appointment via Facebook or telephone.

Whilst we would recommend wearing a face mask, the wearing of one in the salon is optional.

We welcome payments by both cash and card.

Come alone, We no longer have any waiting areas while Covid-19 is a risk.

Please bring minimal belongings. Please remember to bring your own towels flip flops
& robes where necessary. Should you require any of these items we can still provide
them, however there is a cost.


Please arrive exactly on time (no earlier and no later).

If you arrive early, please stay in your car until your appointment time.


Please use the hand sanitizer provided or wash your hands upon entering the


Please reschedule if you feel in ANYWAY UNWELL

We Have:

Cleaned and disinfected all surfaces and implements, laundered and/or disinfected all
capes, towels and linens, removed any non-essential items throughout our salon, made sure
contactless methods of scheduling and payment are available to you, acquired appropriate
personal protective equipment (PPE) to be used when necessary and as directed by
Government, discontinued the practice of hand shaking and other non-essential contact, re-
trained our staff on essential hygiene control and hand hygiene practices.
Please relax and enjoy your time in our salon, rest assured we will still be here to
have a banter & the craic in the same way we always have done

Our goal is to be the safest Spa group in N.I.

We have already invested heavily in new sterilizers, disposable towels, disposable cutting
capes, disposable aprons and gloves etc., and have reconfigured where neccessary to meet
government safety guidelines. This has involved removing some equipment and
implementing screens where necessary. This is to keep the salon orderly and to maximise
social distancing. We ask you to arrive exactly at your appointment time, no later and no
earlier. We will also check client and staff temperatures with a touchless temperature
scanner upon entry to the building as a temperature of 37.8 degrees centigrade or higher
can indicate a Covid fever and we reserve the right to refuse entry to any client or staff
member showing a temperature of 37.8 degrees or above. This is to ensure the health and
safety of all of our guests and team members. Please respect all requests made by all team

There will also be a complete sanitization of areas between each guest. This will be very
time consuming but is for your safety. Operating with PPE and strict sanitization protocols
will be extremely tiring and will really take its toll on our teams and I'd ask you to please bear
that in mind during your visit. Please be patient and kind to the staff. Remember, we are
doing all of this for the safety of you and us.

We will be posting all future updates on our Facebook page with up to date information
about Covid & also good news about offers, promotions and updates about our businesses.

Thank you for familiarising yourself with our new guidelines.

They are there for everyone’s safety.

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